Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy Release Day to Two New Titles

It's a duo release day for Compass Press! Congratulations to our newest author Anne Riley on the release of her contemporary fantasy novel, Shadows of the Hidden. You can find it at both Barnes & Noble in paperback and Nook versions, and on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions. Coming soon to more retailers. Here is a bit about it:

Natalie Watson doesn't believe her parents are dead, even though they disappeared five years ago. Discovering the truth about their fate is one of the only things that gets her out of bed in the morning. But after moving from her home in Georgia to her aunt's boarding school in Maine, solving the mystery of her parents' whereabouts is just one of several challenges she must face. When she's not fending off attacks from the popular kids, she puzzles over the rumors about a strange boy in her math class--one with fiery red hair who rarely speaks.

Despite suspicions that he murdered his sister a year earlier, Natalie finds it impossible to stay away from Liam Abernathy--especially when he confesses to knowing something about her parents. Soon she's following him into the forest, where things happen she doesn't understand...things that shouldn't be possible.

Natalie soon realizes her connection to Liam is deeper than she ever imagined, and not everyone she counts as a friend can be trusted. When she finds herself at the center of a centuries-old quest for immortality, she must work with Liam to stay alive--even if it means facing a truth about herself and her family that will not only shake her perception of herself, but of the entire world around her.

And congratulations to this list of wonderful authors who contributed to our anthology, Winter Wonders, which released today as well. 100% of the proceeds of this novel will go toward a charity that promotes literacy in young people.

Anne RileyHeather McCorkle, Alexandra Shostak, Christine Fonseca, C.M. Keller, Crystal Salmen, Lee Strauss, Harley May, Jamey Stegmaier, Jen StayrookJodi Burrus, Judith Graves, Karen Amanda Hooper, Krissi Dallas, Mercedes Yardley, Natalie Cone, Regan Leigh, Tina Moss, TS Tate, and Yelena Casale.

Here is a bit about it:

A unique anthology filled with genres to suit every taste, all tied together with a winter theme. You'll find everything from contemporary love stories, tragedies, and triumphs to steampunk cyborgs, dystopian worlds, and dragons.

Winter wonders is available on Barnes & Noble in both paperback and Nook format and on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions. Coming soon to more retailers. Both perfect gifts for this holiday season! 

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