Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Announcing Our Second Title

Compass Press is pleased to announce that we have signed author Christine Fonseca for a novella and three novels in the Requiem series. Christine is a well established and acclaimed author in the non-fiction field who we are thrilled to have as she debuts in the fiction world. From the very first read, her cutting edge fiction blew us away and we knew she was a perfect fit for Compass Press. Christine's Requiem novella, Dies Irae, debuts as an eBook this February. Here is a bit about it:

Some sacrifices should never be made – even for love.

Mikayel lives by one rule – obey the orders of the angelic Council at all costs. That is, until he and his friends, Azza and Demi, are sent to Earth. Assigned as Watchers while they await their decision of which angelic order to serve, the three assume the bodies of teenagers and experience life as human.

The sensations are overwhelming, especially for Azza. Determined to experience everything humans do – rage, terror, love - he tempts Demi to break one of the unbreakable rules – never fall in love. But being human isn’t the only problem facing the three angels. Unbeknownst to the Council, demonic activity is on the rise, threatening to break a tenuous peace that has existed for a millennia; a peace Azza seems bent on destroying.

Caught in a struggle for power with unseen demonic forces and Azza, and fighting against his rising emotional attachment to Demi, Mikayel must now decide how much he is willing to sacrifice for his new found love – a decision that could reignite an ancient war and will threaten the only thing that matters to the angels, the survival of humanity.

Welcome to the Compass Press family Christine!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our First Title

In late November of 2011, Compass Press is proud to release it's first title, The Secret of Spruce Knoll: A Channeler Novel by Heather McCorkle. This is a special edition that not only contains a deleted chapter, but will also help save endangered species. A percentage of the proceeds from every copy of this novel sold, will go toward Heather's favorite charity that protects endangered species. We hope you'll join us in helping Heather raise $10,000 by December 12th of 2012 for the charity by purchasing a copy. If you would like to pre-order a signed paperback click on Our Titles.